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How Do I Sell My Business?

  • Meet with a CBI Team professional for a free consultation
  • Provide business information required to evaluate business
  • Business information is analyzed
  • You meet with your confidential business intermediary to learn more about your business and your needs
  • We recommend a customized plan for the sale of your business

What is My Business Worth?

Valuing a business is a critical step in planning your exit.  Rules of thumb and industry multiples are often wildly inaccurate and can result in placing the wrong value on your business. Overvaluing it can mean having unrealistic expectations and exposing it to the market with no reasonable chance of finding a buyer.

We are trained to guide you through the process of establishing an accurate value for your business before you take it to the market. Take the first step to valuing your business with a FREE, no obligation, confidential consultation.

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